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Statement from the Directors of Concept Group Limited.

After seeking to acquire Concept in 2021, the transfer of ownership to The UAP Group has not  successfully concluded. Triggering their security, ownership has now reverted to the previous owners, Roger Berry and Kevin Le Moigne. Formal consent from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission has been received.

Roger Berry reprises his near twenty year role as the Managing Director of the company with his longstanding business partner Kevin Le Moigne, continuing as Operations Director.

Other changes see Robert Shipman and James Floyd of The UAP Group leave the Concept Board of Directors.

Concept Group Limited confirms that it has completed the transition back to a fully independent firm and wishes to let clients, partners, and stakeholders know that the management team and staff remain in place and that all business operations will continue as normal. Concept Group remains committed to the highest standards of customer care.

Roger Berry, Managing Director, Concept Group Limited

15th December. 2023