Pensions Made Easy #7 – Can a QNUPS be useful for people not resident in the UK?

By April 13, 2021News

An article by Roger Berry, Managing Director of Concept Group Limited.

A Guernsey QNUPS may be useful for anyone looking to provide funds for their retirement. The gross roll-up of investments in a Guernsey QNUPS and the payment of benefit gross means from a Guernsey perspective the schemes are tax neutral. No tax relief is given on contributions into the scheme.

Whilst a QNUPS is useful for UK residents, particularly those who have depleted or exhausted their lifetime allowance for contributions into a UK registered pension scheme (currently £1.055 million in UK tax year 2019/20) to create efficient pension savings and on death.  There is also planning opportunities for non-UK residents that are UK Domiciled.

Domicile is your permanent home, usually assigned at birth, it does not change necessarily if you move away. Breaking UK Domicile is difficult and even apparently tenuous links to the UK can maintain your UK Domicile indefinitely. You can be “deemed” Domicile if you have spent extended periods in the UK – typically 17 of 20 tax years.

Any person who has a UK Domicile, which on birth or subsequentially obtained is hard to remove, may have their entire world wide assets exposed to UK IHT at 40% on death, not just UK situated assets.

Using a Guernsey QNUPS to provide funds on retirement has the benefit of being based in a highly respected and safe jurisdiction with high levels of regulation and an Ombudsman to turn to If anything goes wrong.

Any funds remaining on death can be passed to loved ones with the potential benefit of being outside UK IHT.

This can be a complex area on which professional advice should be taken. Nothing in the above statement should be construed as tax or other advice or be relied upon.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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