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By November 4, 2013Pensions

At Concept we strive to make your life easier.

Whether you are a Financial Adviser, an existing member of one of our pension schemes, or, a potential future member of one of our pension schemes, we are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and simplify affairs.

We understand that pensions are highly complex, and as such, they can appear a bit daunting and we hope that by providing you with relevant, useful tools and information you will feel more at ease with managing and maintaining your pension, or that of your clients.

Our aim is to provide you with:

Direct, Interactive Sources for News and Company Information

We aim to provide you with up to date, accurate information so that you remain “in the loop” when it comes to relevant and notable industry news. Such information can be viewed via our company Twitter and LinkedIn pages, which provide you with relevant industry articles as well as helpful tips and our own company news. A constant feed is also provided under the news section of our website.

The best possible solution – Pension Finder

Concept has developed a simple to navigate tool, the “Pension Finder”, to enable you to find the most suitable pension product to meet your own (or your clients’) retirement needs and objectives.

Simply select the most appropriate response to each of the questions, for your own (or your clients’) individual circumstances and retirement objectives, and the Pension Finder will determine the most suitable Concept Aurora pension scheme that meets the personal circumstances and retirement objectives stated.

To view the Pension Finder simply visit

Retirement Calculator

The Retirement Calculator is a quick and easy pension’s calculator that provides an indication as to the amount that an individual should be contributing, whether regularly or as a one off lump sum, in order to have a sufficient amount in their pension at retirement to provide them with their desired level of income.

The Retirement Calculator will help to identify any potential shortfall based on current fund value and level of contributions, allowing advisers and clients to make informed decisions about ongoing retirement planning and where necessary, make additional provisions to address any shortfall.

The Retirement Calculator has been designed for indication purposes and should only be treated as a guide.

To view the Retirement Calculator simply visit

Retirement Income and Funding Calculator

The Retirement Income and Funding Calculator can be found within the IFA login area of our website, and provides a more detailed evaluation of your client’s future retirement position. Essentially it will provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of what level of contributions is required in order to receive the desired income upon retirement.

If you are a Financial Adviser and wish to view the Retirement Income and Funding Calculator, simply register to our IFA login area

Technical Guidance Notes

Technical guidance notes are issued frequently and are designed to help improve the understanding of our product offerings and the potential benefits of these, as well as any current and relevant technical fundamentals that may be affecting the industry. Currently you will find a selection of technical guidance notes that cover topics from updates on French taxation to a piece on Trust Vs Contract and the suitability of each structure.

If you are a Financial Adviser and wish to view our technical guidance notes, simply register to our IFA login area


If you wish to obtain a copy of our product literature, generic forms and fee schedules you can now logon to our IFA login area rather than having to contact us directly.

To view our downloads, simply register to our IFA login area

Contact Us/Request Form

Help us to help you by completing a contact us/request form. We will be more than happy to answer your questions at a time that suits you. If you feel that there is a topic that could be further explained as a technical guidance note, let us know and we will do our best to upload this to our website. You can also request on site training by simply filling in this form.

To complete a contact us/request form, simply visit


This information is provided for general information only, Concept does not provide financial, legal nor tax advice, and nothing in this document should be construed as such. Concept  shall not be held responsible for any liability or loss arising directly or indirectly from any reliance placed upon the content of this document. Concept recommends that all individuals should seek their own appropriate advice.

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