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Aurora Advantage Trust

Aurora Advantage Trust

Aurora Advantage Trust at a Glance

The Aurora Advantage Trust (the Trust) is a low cost, streamlined, discretionary trust, which can be used to efficiently “wrap” simple investments, or where necessary, more complex, or bespoke assets.

The Trust is a useful wealth, succession and estate planning vehicle and offers all of the benefits of a full discretionary Guernsey based trust with market leading fees, with reserved powers over investment.

The Trust offers a wide range of investment management options, including the unique option for the Settlor (client) to “self manage” the investments held within the Trust, or manage them in conjunction with their Financial Adviser.


The following investment options are available within the Trust:

Settlor appoints an Investment Manager

  • The Investment Manager(s) (which may be the Settlor) will be responsible for managing assets within a selected Custodian(s) account.

Settlor Directs the Trustees to appoint a Discretionary Investment Manager

  • The Discretionary Investment Manager will be responsible for managing assets within the discretionary managed account.

Settlor Directs the Trustees to appoint an Investment Adviser

  • The Investment Adviser (which may be the Settlor), appointed by the Trustees, will provide investment advisory services to the Trustees, either directly or with the involvement of their Financial Adviser.

How much will it cost?

The Trust is highly cost efficient, especially when holding a single Authorised Investment, but complex scenarios can be accommodated. Pricing is dependant upon the assets being held.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Member Taxation

Generally no Guernsey tax is charged when Settlor(s) and Beneficiary(ies) are non-Guernsey resident and there is no Guernsey source income (other than bank interest).

Why a Guernsey Trust?

Guernsey is a premier centre for offshore trust and fiduciary business, and has recently won Citywealth’s Gold Award for International Finance Centre of the Year (January 2023).

The Trust industry in Guernsey is long-standing, with a number of highly experienced, licensed fiduciary companies operating.

Guernsey boasts a very strong professional services infrastructure that supports fiduciary providers including comprehensive and mature legal, accounting and financial services businesses.

The Trusts (Guernsey) Law, 2007, is widely recognised as being an extremely flexible, modern, innovative and robust framework for the governance of Guernsey trusts.

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