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Aurora International Retirement & Savings Plans

Aurora International Retirement & Savings Plans

Aurora International Retirement and Savings Plans at a Glance

The Aurora International Retirement and Savings Plan (the Plans) are Guernsey based plans specifically designed to provide a personal “Retirement Option” and a “Savings Option” in a safe and secure environment, competitively priced and tailored for the needs of internationally mobile individuals. The Plans are open to members who are not resident in Guernsey, Jersey or the US.

Make provision for your retirement and that of your loved ones on your death. Build your wealth in a safe and secure environment and enjoy a wide range of investment choices, protection against local currency deprecation and flexible retirement and savings benefit options.

Not subject to Guernsey taxation in the hands of Members the Plan is efficient, flexible and a secure retirement and savings options with many benefits.

The Plans are multi-member retirement and savings arrangement administered by Concept Group Limited (the Administrator), written under a specialist contract which meets the exemptions under section 40(ee) of the Income Tax (Guernsey) Law, 1975 and other reliefs.


The Plans are designed to allow for a wide range of marketable securities investments to be held, via a custodian chosen by you, including but not limited to offshore personal portfolio bonds, online custody platforms, discretionary fund managed accounts, managed model portfolios, execution only accounts or a bank account.

The Plans may also accommodate more bespoke investments.

How can I contribute?

The Plans are generally able to receive transfers from similar international pension, retirement, savings or other trust arrangements. The Plans are able to accept various methods of contributions, both regular and/or lump sum.

Member Taxation

Although funds for non-Guernsey or non-Jersey residents may accumulate and be paid tax free from Guernsey, there are domestic tax and exchange control issues that should be considered by anyone looking to become a Member of the Retirement Option or Savings Option.

Whilst the Plans have been designed with significant legal and tax advice from recognised experts and are capable of providing tax efficiencies, each person’s circumstances will be different and the Administrator strongly recommends that appropriate tax advice is taken prior to an applicant applying for Membership.

What happens when I reach retirement?

At any time after they attain the age of 40 years the Member may with not less than one month’s notice to the Administrator request the Administrator to sub-divide the Member’s Sub-Fund into two or more segments, whether or not the Member has reached the Selected Benefit Date, with each segment providing a separate annuity or benefit where for the avoidance of doubt each such segment may have a distinct Selected Benefit Date for the purposes of the Scheme.

Any Member who becomes entitled to claim benefits may elect by giving not less than one month’s prior notice in writing to the Administrator (or such alternative period (if any) as may be agreed between the Administrator and the Member) that the whole or part of their Member’s Sub-Fund be used by the Administrator to provide a cash lump sum or annuity payment.

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