About Family Offices

A family office manages the financial and personal needs of high net worth families. It is especially suitable for international families with a long-term vision and who want their wealth to pass to future generations.

A Family Office will call on a wide range of advisers and family members to work together in an integrated team to provide the most flexible and responsive solutions to the family’s needs. The Family Office itself may either be part of the trading company of the family or have organically grown out of their previous business interests.

Concept are able to provide many services that a Family Office requires. Since pioneering the protected cell companies (PCC) more than 10 years ago, Guernsey has seen this structure develop in more recent years into a key corporate vehicle used by many single and multi Family Offices.

This has now been further extended with the updating of the legislation to allow private ‘non fund’ PCCs. They can be used as investment holding vehicles for the family member and the ability to segregate assets particularly for risk management.

Why a Family Office?

  • Dedicated focus on family needs and requirements
  • Control of business, investment and personal service
  • Coordination and effective management
  • Sustainability of family legacy