About Managed Trust Companies

A Managed Trust Company can be an attractive option to any professional firm that is frequently introducing clients to fiduciary companies. It will enable the firm to broaden its services whilst retaining control of its client. It may also bear reinforcement of the firm’s international brand without the costs of a stand alone operation, otherwise referred to as “white labelling”.

Managed Trust Companies are the arrangement by which an existing licensed service provider takes responsibility for the operational functions of a trust business, set up and owned by another company. For example, they allow company ‘A’ to beneficially own a Guernsey Managed Trust Company ‘B’, which then provides services to Company ‘A’s clients.

Managed Trust Company would be administered by Concept Fiduciaries who would provide all standard administration services, ensure it complies with local regulations, and provide the required personnel.

Why a Managed Trust Company?

  • Allows an offshore presence for the company without the cost of relocating
  • Provides access to specialist and experienced professionals who have existing relationships with local regulator